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At our core, we embrace the Microsoft Success By Design approach, utilizing best practices from agile methodologies in all business application implementations. Our proven track record with various clients, leveraging our CFDL (Customize First, Develop Later) methodology, ensures that your solution is cost-effective, delivers a swift return on investment (ROI), and shortens the time-to-market for implemented processes.

Atteli Methodology:
Continuous Support and Training

Our Atteli Methodology is centered around providing continuous support, access to the latest knowledge and skills, and ongoing adaptation to evolving needs.

Training Principles

Knowledge Transfer to Clients: We ensure the administrative knowledge and skills of the system are transferred to the client.

Training for Administrators/Change Leaders: Conducting training for administrators and change leaders to actively participate in the implementation process.

Practical Workshops: Organizing practical workshops that allow participants to directly apply knowledge in practice.

Update Training: Organizing update training to keep employees abreast of the latest system features.

Adaptive Training: Tailoring training to the individual needs of employees, considering job requirements.

Staff Training: Providing training for employees at various levels and locations, customized to their role and function within the system.

Training Effectiveness Assessment: Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of training, incorporating feedback from participants to adjust the educational program.

Support Principles

Support in Cahnge Management

Change management is a critical element of our post-implementation support. We help navigate the challenges associated with adapting to new solutions, focusing on the human aspect of change which often determines project success. Our efforts include preparing organizations for effective internal collaboration, identifying potential issues, and supporting the transition of procedures and new business models. We also assist in defining key project success indicators and employee responsibilities, while offering support in recruitment and mediation during conflicts. Through our approach, we ensure that all employees understand the benefits and purpose of the change, contributing to the successful implementation of new tools and processes within the organization.

Supported Technologies

Atteli Microsoft products

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Join us to elevate your business capabilities with our comprehensive training and support services. Our dedication to your success is reflected in our agile approach and commitment to continuous improvement. Let’s collaborate to achieve excellence in your business operations.

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