Robotic Report Process Automation

Enhance your company’s management with Reporting Automation
Embrace digital transformation and operational efficiency in reporting processes. Instead of struggling with traditional software that requires manual data copying and aggregation, leverage robotic process automation (RPA) for reporting. This approach will address common issues, reduce reporting time, and provide more accurate, frequently updated data.

Save Time and Effort by Eliminating Human Errors

Low-code solutions based on the Power Platform and RPA offer unparalleled opportunities to streamline reporting processes. By eliminating manual tasks, you shorten the time needed to create reports and minimize the risk of human errors.

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Adapt to Business Needs

With our solutions, you can tailor reporting processes to the specific needs and requirements of your company. Whether you want to automate data collection processes, generate reports on demand, or distribute them in specific formats, our platform offers flexible adaptation to your needs.

Focus on Essential Tasks

By saving time and effort with automated reporting processes, your employees can focus on essential business tasks. Instead of spending hours manually processing data, they can utilize their potential to make strategic decisions and develop the company’s operations.

Ensure Security and Compliance

Our solution ensures complete data security and compliance with the latest standards and regulations. With central user and role management in Microsoft Entra, you can be confident that your data is protected and access is controlled.
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Example Requirements

A client aimed to streamline data collection and reporting processes to increase operational efficiency and gain deeper insights into their operations. One of their core systems does not allow easy data export, lacks an API, and requires manual handling on a local computer.
Automating the data retrieval process is crucial. The goal is to automatically and frequently retrieve data to ensure its timeliness. This eliminates errors and delays often encountered with human-executed processes. As a result, automation ensures timely data acquisition.
Additionally, the application meets other requirements such as reducing the time spent on manual data copying and aggregation. It facilitates data sharing with authorized personnel through easy access to reports via Microsoft Teams.
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Approach to Implementing the Reporting Automation Project

Implementing a robotic and automated reporting process requires an individualized approach to each case. Companies have different computer systems, data, and data-sharing structures. Implementation involves mapping processes, permissions, and data sources. Then, the environment is configured, robots are created to retrieve, store, and aggregate data, and report templates are developed. The environment setup process is carried out in cooperation with relevant subject matter experts on the client side.

The project implementation can be divided into:

This approach encompasses the full implementation cycle, from understanding business needs to effective implementation and ongoing improvement and adaptation of the solution to evolving client requirements.

Key Benefits of the Application

Implementing robotics and automation in reporting brings significant benefits:


Technologies Used for Successful RPA Implementation:
The solution uses the Microsoft Power Platform, which includes the following features:

Security Package

As part of a comprehensive approach to security, our solution offers:

User and Role Management in Microsoft Entra:

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The solution ensures complete data security, allowing organizations to focus on effective work with the confidence that their information is properly protected.

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