Manage distributed budget, control expenses using the Microsoft Power Platform application.

Reporting and Cost Approval System

For organizations that rely on strict budget management and expenditure control, or that closely monitor expenses for individual departments, branches, brands, or business units, an application supporting the cost reporting and approval process can be a significant aid.

Technology: Microsoft Power Platform, Outlook i Teams, Integracja z Systemami ERP

Example Requirements


“Our solution revolutionizes processes, providing numerous benefits to organizations that wish to effectively control budgets, standardize procedures, and enhance collaboration between teams.”

This need is met by a cost reporting and approval system – an application built on the low-code Power Platform.

Streamlining Expense Management

Reporting and Approval:

Cost Tracking:

Improved Financial Control

Workflow Automation:

Expense Analytics:

Supporting Collaboration and Communication

Request Approval and Discussions:

Integration with Microsoft Teams and Outlook:

Key Benefits of the Application

Process Standardization:

Ongoing Expense Control:

Data Security:

Utilized Tools

Microsoft Power Platform:

Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Teams:

ERP Systems Integration:

Security Included

“The result of this approach is complete assurance of data and process security, allowing us to focus on efficient work, confident that our information is adequately protected.”

As part of a comprehensive security approach, our solution offers:

User and Role Management in Microsoft Entra:

Centralized Administrative Settings in Microsoft Cloud:

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