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Application Customization

Customization, also known as customization, is a crucial element in adapting the user interface (UI) and application functionalities according to individual user needs. In the context of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform, customization opens up a range of possibilities for fully leveraging the system’s potential. Users can freely hide or move fields, customize tab layouts and sections of the application, and define favorite record list views. Additionally, there is an option to create custom fields and entities, enabling the storage of additional information and the implementation of scripts and business rules for automating key processes.
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Development and Programming Changes

Programming changes are an integral part of adapting applications to specific business requirements. Developers working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform have the ability to create new functionalities, develop advanced business algorithms, and integrate applications with various external systems. By modifying code and using the user interface to create custom forms, views, and controls, you can effectively improve the usability and efficiency of the application. Additionally, tools such as AI Builder in Power Platform enable process automation and data analysis, significantly enhancing added value for end-users.

Integrations with External Systems

Integration with other systems is crucial for ensuring smooth data exchange between Dynamics 365, Power Platform, external data sources, and applications. Through integrations based on APIs and external services, businesses can streamline collaboration across different platforms and ensure data consistency and timeliness. Data synchronization between systems allows for optimal resource utilization and ensures current data for key operational processes.

Support and Consultation

We specialize in implementing and customizing solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. We provide comprehensive support in UI customization, software development, and integration with external systems. Leveraging our experience and deep technical knowledge, we deliver solutions that not only meet your current business needs but also contribute to your company’s ongoing growth and success.
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