Centralized Reporting Automation


Laris Hotels Group is a network of hotels (aparthotels) in Krakow, Poland. Since 2005, the company has been managing properties ranging from two to four-star standards with full sales and operational services. With over 250 employees, the Laris Hotels Group has become a prominent player in the hospitality industry.

Business Goals

The Laris Hotels Group aimed to streamline their data gathering and reporting process to improve operational efficiency and provide better insights into the performance of their hotels. They sought to: 

  1. Automate the data extraction process from the legacy reservation system.
  2. Reduce the time spent on data aggregation, which was previously done manually once a week, taking up half a day of an employee’s work time.
  3. Deliver clear and concise reports directly accessible on Microsoft Teams for designated recipients.
  4. Enable easier data analysis with consolidated reports for all hotels and the ability to filter data by individual hotels. 

Technologies Used

Atteli and Laris Hotels Group employed the Power Platform suite of Microsoft to achieve the goals:

  • Unattended Process Automation
    Data was extracted directly from legacy reservation system using a robot that operated remotely on a virtual machine. The robot logged into the system and fetched the required data, saving it on SharePoint.
  • Flow
    Some reports were automatically generated by legacy reservation system and sent via email to a dedicated mailbox. The Flow automation intercepted these emails and saved the reports to SharePoint for further processing.
  • Power BI
    Data gathered on SharePoint was aggregated into comprehensive reports using Power BI, providing an easily digestible overview of hotel performance. 

Implementation and Results

The implementation of the centralized reporting automation led to significant benefits for Laris Hotels Group:

  • Time and Effort Reduction
    Previously, manually extracting and aggregating data from external systems was laborious and time-consuming. With the automated process, the company saved substantial time and effort, allowing employees to focus on more value-added tasks.
  • Elimination of Human Errors
    Automated data extraction and aggregation eliminated the possibility of human errors that were common in manual processes. This resulted in more accurate and reliable reports.
  • Simplified Data Analysis
    With consolidated reports, Laris Hotels Group gained a comprehensive view of their overall performance, enabling better strategic decision-making. They could also filter data by individual hotels for more detailed analysis.
  • Accessible Reporting
    The reports were made available directly on Microsoft Teams, making them easily accessible to the relevant stakeholders, leading to better collaboration and timely decision-making. 
  • Automated Data Distribution
    The automation ensured that the reports were automatically distributed to the interested parties, saving time and effort on disseminating information.


By leveraging the Power Platform and automation technologies, Laris Hotels Group successfully optimized their data reporting process. The centralized reporting system enabled them to obtain accurate, up-to-date, and easy-to-analyze information. This improvement in data-driven decision-making empowered the group to enhance its overall operational efficiency and ultimately deliver a better experience to its guests.