Dynamics 365 Marketing – consulting and implementation support

Client: APN Promise S.A.

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APN Promise S.A. has been co-creating the technological market in Poland and Europe for over 30 years. It offers advanced IT solutions for clients from all sectors of the economy. The company also provides consulting services, implementations, and enhances digital competencies in businesses and institutions.

Implementation objectives:

  • Utilize insights gathered during the customer acquisition process.
  • Centralize marketing consents in one place.
  • Segment the target audience for marketing purposes.
  • Automate outbound marketing based on organized events and distribution of educational materials (e-books) to selected target groups.
  • Streamline management of online events (webinars for partners).
  • Implement lead scoring strategy in the Lead to Opportunity process.

Functionalities and technologies used

  • Customer Journey
    Dynamics 365 Marketing allows visualizing and automating the customer journey towards a purchase. The application provides a graphical tool for modeling the customer acquisition process.
  • Event Engagement
    Dynamics 365 Marketing automates communication for online events. Customer Journey process sends thank-you messages to participants, timely event reminders, and tailored email follow-ups based on attendance. This streamlines event management and enhances participant engagement.
  • Segments
    Segments in Dynamics 365 Marketing allow for the categorization and grouping of contacts based on specific criteria or characteristics. These criteria can include demographic information, purchase history, engagement level, or any other relevant data. By creating segments, marketers can effectively target and personalize their communication and marketing efforts.
  • Creating online events
    The event management feature of Dynamics 365 Marketing assists at every stage, from initial planning and budgeting to promotion and publishing, participant registration, webinar broadcasting, final analytics, lead generation, and return on investment assessment.
  • Lead Scoring
    Dynamics 365 Marketing provides a lead scoring capability that evaluates and assigns a numerical score to each potential customer. This score is calculated based on various factors such as demographic data (e.g., age, location), organization information (e.g., industry, company size), and actions taken by related contacts (e.g., website visits, email interactions).
  • Lead Generation
    Dynamics 365 Marketing enables lead generation through activities within the customer acquisition process, events, and landing pages.

Effects of project implementation

  • Acceleration of the Customer Journey creation process (customer acquisition)  
  • Streamlined campaign planning for webinars and ebook promotions, including registration, reminders, check-ins, and follow-ups.
  • Flexible management of target group segmentation based on data from Dynamics 365 Sales and customer behavior and activities.
  • Simplified and comprehensive creation of online events using Teams.
  • Setting up lead scoring models for each product line based on dedicated marketing actions.
  • Generating leads through event registrations.