CRM Implementation


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Green Mark is a company specializing in renewable energy services. They design and execute comprehensive photovoltaic installations for various sectors, including businesses, farms, administrations, and homes. Green Mark is known for offering high-quality products that are well-regarded by industry experts. 

Client Challenges

Green Mark approached Atteli with a need for CRM system implementation to streamline the work of sales representatives and manage customer relationships effectively. The key client requirements were as follows:

  • CRM: Green Mark needed a central CRM system that would facilitate efficient customer relationship management. The CRM was expected to provide a complete overview of customer information, contact history, interactions, and enable monitoring of sales progress and project execution.
  • Processes: Ensuring smooth information flow within the company was crucial. Green Mark required notification mechanisms and processes that would inform employees about important events, project changes, and deadlines. Effective internal communication processes were essential for seamless project execution and customer satisfaction. 
  • Automations: Green Mark wanted to utilize the CRM system to automate email notifications to customers, keeping them informed about project progress. They aimed to provide customers with real-time updates on the status of implementation, payments, and other relevant matters. Automation was intended to enhance transparency, build customer trust, and improve communication.
  • CRM Forms: Green Mark needed the capability to gather essential customer information through CRM forms. This would enable precise data collection and analysis required for developing photovoltaic offers and projects. CRM forms were meant to streamline data acquisition from customers and optimize the sales process. 
  • CRM Workflow: Efficient process management was critical for Green Mark. They sought to implement appropriate workflows in the CRM system to enhance business processes such as data collection and processing, contract management, and photovoltaic installation project handling. The workflow was expected to ensure consistent actions, minimize error risks, and increase work efficiency. 

Project Execution

Atteli initiated the project in collaboration with Green Mark’s team to deliver a functioning solution promptly. The project followed an Agile model to allow for quick commencement and adopt a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach. 

CRM implementation involved customizing forms and views, as well as implementing processes and automations. Two primary processes were introduced: Sales and Execution. The Sales process was designed to support sales representatives in gathering customer information, scheduling meetings, and completing contract signing. The Execution process oversaw payments and the installation process. Both processes incorporated automations, such as sending emails to customers providing project progress updates, notifying subcontractors about the status of their contracts, and sending notifications to employees, including sales representatives and managers. 

In the final project phase, analytical reports were created to support management and facilitate employee reconciliations, including commissions. Additionally, a service process was introduced to handle service requests and post-sales support. 


The CRM implementation project for Green Mark proceeded smoothly without significant issues. The client had full confidence in Atteli’s expertise and understood the system’s limitations. Through effective collaboration between Atteli and Green Mark’s team, the solution successfully addressed the client’s key requirements. Green Mark now possesses a tool that enables improved customer relationship management, process optimization, and automated communication, contributing to increased efficiency in their renewable energy operations.