Implementing CRM and Customer Care System for Strefa Energii

Case Study

Client: Strefa Energii

Strefa Energii is a company specializing in comprehensive energy solutions for homes and businesses. With extensive experience in the market, the company is known for providing personalized and comprehensive customer service.
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Strefa Energii needed an advanced CRM system to streamline appointment scheduling and customer service processes. Previously, the company relied mainly on email, leading to information chaos and process delays. To enhance efficiency and improve operations, the company decided to leverage modern tools available in the CRM system. The objectives of the implementation were to:


Atteli implemented an advanced CRM system tailored to the unique needs of the company. Dedicated forms and business processes were introduced to handle different types of installation financing. The CRM system allowed automatic task assignment to appropriate roles, facilitating smooth communication and reducing unnecessary repetition. Additional features, such as SMS campaigns, integration with Facebook, and the availability calendar for sales representatives, were also implemented.

Results and Benefits

The implementation of the CRM system brought several benefits to Strefa Energii:

“Atteli conducted our project, starting from analyzing operational processes, selecting the most optimal solutions, to full implementation and operational reporting. The new system is now used by customer service, sales, and operational-installation departments, responsible for the entire customer service process and installation execution. The implementation contributed to streamlining company processes, information flow, and task management. Throughout the implementation, the company guided us in a professional manner,” said the client representative.


Thanks to the implementation of the advanced CRM system by Atteli, Strefa Energii achieved significant benefits in managing sales and installation processes. Process automation, effective communication, and tailored forms ensured the company’s efficiency, effectiveness, and high-quality customer service. Atteli served not only as a technology provider but also as a trusted partner, collaborating with the company at every stage of implementation. The CRM system implementation allowed Strefa Energii to focus on delivering excellent energy solutions and building long-lasting customer relationships.

“In this type of implementation, it is extremely important to have a partner who can understand the business needs of the client and align them with the technical capabilities of the solutions offered,” the client representative added.