Case Study

The implementation of the CRM system brought significant improvements to Esri Polska in managing sales and financial processes. The use of reporting in Power BI accelerated and automated the creation of P&L reports and comparative analyses.
To streamline their data gathering and reporting process to improve operational efficiency and provide better insights into the performance of their hotels.
Strefa Energii needed an advanced CRM system to streamline appointment scheduling and customer service processes. Atteli implemented an advanced CRM system tailored to the unique needs of the company.
The main task was to build an IT tool that would enable efficient information flow across departments. This tool was intended to automate the process of reporting and approving costs from the marketing budget by the sales and marketing teams, as well as handling requests from Customer Support, Logistics, and Finance departments.

The implementation of the communication and process management platform has brought tangible benefits to the company, streamlining its operations and contributing to better work organization. 

How to segment the target audience for marketing activities more effectively and accurately? Can the customer acquisition process be accelerated and campaign planning be made easier for marketers?

The project in collaboration with Green Mark’s team to deliver a functioning solution promptly. The project followed an Agile model to allow for quick commencement and adopt a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach.