Implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Is a comprehensive platform offering integrated solutions for businesses looking to modernize their sales processes, customer service, and marketing. Agile methodology and Atteli’s Success by Design by Microsoft form the foundation for dynamic business development. For those seeking a local partner with a deep understanding of the market, Atteli is the ideal choice. Providing mobile, flexible, and user-friendly solutions, it supports efficient streamlining of processes, lead generation, and building strong customer relationships. Seamless integration with other Microsoft tools such as Outlook, Excel, Teams, and Fabric/Power BI enables full utilization of the sales department’s potential. In Atteli, every deployment is tailored to the unique needs of the enterprise, considering industry diversity, location, offered products and services, KPIs, future goals, and other key factors. This enables companies to effectively compete in the market and make real-time business decisions, utilizing AI potential to predict sales outcomes and personalize customer service.

Dynamics 365

Sample Requirements

If you’re on the quest for a comprehensive solution that will not only streamline your company’s sales processes but also enhance them to be more effective, then you’re in the right place. Imagine a tool that not only handles potential customers with seamless ease but also fosters the creation of strong, personalized relationships with each customer. Envision a system where lead management is not just a function but a strategic advantage, providing your company with the tools it needs to manage leads effectively.

Consider the value of a mobile, flexible, and user-friendly interface that empowers your sales teams to perform at their best, anytime and anywhere. Think about the seamless integration with other Microsoft tools such as Outlook, Excel, Teams, and Power BI, which not only simplifies workflows but also amplifies productivity. Contemplate the possibilities that open up when you expand the functionality of your system by integrating additional Dynamics 365 applications, tailoring it to fit the unique needs of your business.

The full potential of your sales department can be realized by increasing productivity and customer engagement, transforming the way you connect with your audience. In today’s competitive market, having a solution that enables you to make real-time business decisions based on data is not just an advantage—it’s a necessity. And when this solution is further enhanced with the integration of AI tools, it unlocks the ability to effectively utilize their potential, setting your business apart and propelling it forward in the digital age.


Which Microsoft products meet the needs of businesses?

In Atteli, every implementation of Microsoft products is tailored to the unique needs of the enterprise, considering industry diversity, location, offered products and services, KPIs, future goals, and other key factors.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive platform offering various solutions for businesses. To support sales, customer service, and marketing processes, Microsoft has prepared several modules such as Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights.

Dynamics 365 solution

Dynamics 365 Sales

Sales Process Automation: Facilitates managing the sales pipeline, tracking customer interactions, and automating actions.
Intelligent Forecasting: Uses data and AI to predict sales outcomes.
Integrated Communication Tools: Enables effective communication with customers and team collaboration.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

High-Quality Customer Service: Provides customer support through various communication channels including chat, email, and phone.
Issue Resolution: Facilitates tracking of tickets, incident management, and service quality monitoring.
Personalization: Provides customer insights to tailor responses to their needs

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Microsoft’s customer data platform (CDP) that enables personalized customer service
Helps understand customers, strengthen relationships on their terms, and increase productivity using AI technology.
Provides a holistic view of customers: Allows clear identification of individuals using a defined set of data sources from multiple systems represented by profiles.
Facilitates interaction with individuals, companies, leads through various channels such as email messages, SMS messages, or push notifications.
Gartner names Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights a leader in B2B marketing automation platforms.


What technologies do we use to ensure successful CRM implementation?
Atteli Microsoft products


Agile Methodology

Agile methodology is an approach to software development that emphasizes incremental delivery, team collaboration, continuous planning, and learning. It’s a mindset that drives processes throughout the project lifecycle. Within Agile methodology, there are various frameworks like Scrum that define specific principles and practices. For example, Continuous Integration (CI) is a popular engineering practice in Agile, involving frequent integration of code changes with the main branch and automatic verification of these changes.

Atteli Methodology based on Success by Design by Microsoft
Meanwhile, the Atteli Methodology is based on Success by Design, created by Microsoft to help project teams implement Dynamics 365. Success by Design draws on thousands of client projects and represents the sum of experiences related to implementing this platform. During implementation, it focuses on building solutions according to the defined project and scope. This comprehensive approach considers aspects such as data modeling, security, and integrations.

Key Benefits of Implementing Dynamics 365 CRM with Atteli

Tools Used

Security in the Package

Full Engagement: We conduct each deployment with full engagement, taking responsibility for every aspect of the process.

Intensive Support (Hypercare): During the critical implementation phase, Hypercare ensures intensive support, resolving issues, providing guidance, and optimizing performance.

Dedicated Support Services: Our dedicated support services ensure smooth system operation, minimizing downtime and allowing focus on core business activities.

Atteli Methodology Training

Knowledge Transfer to the Client: Transferring knowledge and administrative system skills directly to the client.

Adaptive Training: Customizing training to individual employee needs, considering job requirements.

Support and Informing: Ensuring continuous access to telephone and online support, regular project goal updates, and informing the client about new system features.

Effectiveness Evaluation: Monitoring and evaluating training effectiveness, considering participant feedback, and adjusting the educational program.

Change Management

Training and Development

Consulting: We analyze your company, develop a vision aligned with goals, and provide information on Microsoft product functionalities.

Personalization and Integration: We optimize Microsoft products to specific company needs, integrating them with existing applications and enabling data consolidation.

User Training: We provide comprehensive user training focusing on functionalities and optimizing their use in daily work.

Engagement Implementation

Consultation and Analysis Process: We start with detailed consultations and analysis, examining processes and developing a plan to achieve business goals.

Responsibility at Every Stage: At each stage of implementation, we aim to answer whether the tool meets expectations and take full responsibility for every aspect of the process.

Knowledge and certifications of our team

Our team consists of certified specialists and experts who possess in-depth knowledge of Microsoft products and advanced skills in management methodologies. For our company, it is crucial to have specialized knowledge and certification to provide our clients with the highest quality services.
We hold certifications from:

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