Segmentation of Leads in Customer Insights – Journeys

Agnieszka Tomczyszyn by Agnieszka Tomczyszyn on September 15, 2023

Segmenting the target audience is a fundamental aspect of a marketer’s work, serving as the cornerstone for effective communication and personalized messaging. It may sound like common knowledge, but it holds true – a truism, if you will! 

Outbound marketing

In the realm of Outbound Marketing, Dynamics 365 Marketing has traditionally relied on creating segments using Contact records. This approach allowed marketers to craft queries in the Contact database, leveraging all available fields. This flexibility empowered them to build precise audiences for their campaigns, a process that proved effective in maintaining communication with existing customers. However, this method posed a challenge when dealing with potential customers who hadn’t yet become Contacts. The need to include Leads that lacked Contact associations became apparent.

This limitation led to the perception that Dynamics 365 Marketing primarily caters to the B2B sector and doesn’t perform as effectively in the B2C domain.

Microsoft has adeptly addressed this issue by introducing a new feature within Customer Insights – Journeys. This feature enables the creation of segments not only based on Contacts but also on Leads.

This may seem like a minor adjustment, but it’s a gratifying one as it effectively eliminates the segmentation constraint. It extends the range of targeting options for potential customers (Leads). Furthermore, it introduces a noteworthy feature called Query Assist Copilot, which allows you to build queries more efficiently using everyday language (currently available only in English).

What’s particularly impressive is the intuitiveness and well-designed user experience in this new builder. It eliminates the need for in-depth knowledge of database structures or the ability to create complex queries with operators. In essence, it simplifies the process and makes it more accessible.

Notably, you can inspect each query within the database ad hoc and determine how many members would fall within the segment you’ve defined.

Looking at the pace of Microsoft’s efforts in developing Real-time marketing within Customer Insights – Journeys, it’s evident that this is a priority. In fact, every month, new features or optimizations for existing ones are introduced with updates. In line with its commitment, Microsoft places an emphasis on effective real-time interactions with the audience, being present at every stage of their journey, and supporting daily tasks through artificial intelligence (Copilot). At Atteli, we eagerly await the upcoming Customer Insights releases.