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We have identified key areas of partner network management. Based on the gathered information, we have designed a modular platform that maximizes the business potential of companies with a partner and franchise model.

Partner Relationship

Two unique perspectives

The product offers two unique perspectives tailored to the needs of organizations, partners, and franchisees. This solution automates processes and improves communication, directly resulting in improved collaboration and management of partner and franchise networks.

PowerPRM Back-Office App

Perspektywa Organizacji

Centralne rozwiązanie do zarządzania partnerami oraz wsparcia i monitorowania ich działań w ustrukturyzowany sposób. Bezpieczne zaplecze i baza do udostępniania dokumentów oraz treści sprzedażowych i szkoleniowych. Aplikacja zbudowana jako Model Driven App na Microsoft Power Platform, zapewniająca elestyczność dostosowania i rozwoju (low-code/no-code).

PowerPRM Self-Service Portal

Perspektywa Partnera

Hub do błyskawicznej komunikacji z Partnerami. Zwiększa efektywność ich codziennej pracy i angażuje do wspólnego osiągania celów biznesowych. Portal podpowie im działania oraz wskaże udostępnione materiały, dzięki którym lepiej osiągną wyznaczone cele.

Podróż partnera

The partner journey is a strategically designed process that business partners go through from the moment they initiate collaboration with an organization until they achieve their set goals. It encompasses a structured sequence of steps, interactions, and tasks that partners need to undertake in order to grow within the partnership and achieve success.

Akwizycja i onbording nowego Partnera

Definiowanie celów i KPI

Zarządzanie Partnerami i Widok 360

Komunikacja i współpraca via Portal

Obsługa zgłoszeń,
wniosków i problemów

Analiza danych i raporty BI

Obsługa procesów Co-Selling'u i zarządzanie MDF

Document and knowledge base sharing

Planowanie wizyt, audytów i szkoleń

Monitoring, rozliczanie celów i sprzedaży

Zwiększanie zaangażowania poprzez ankiety i grywalizacje

Identify and manage partners' growth potential

Scaling your business is within reach. Open up to new development perspectives with PowerPRM.

Strengthen partner loyalty and engagement through the automation of business processes.

Improve collaboration with business partners through effective and consistent communication.

Integrate all information related to business partners into one platform that ensures data security.

Stay in control of activities in the partner sales channel in real-time.

Functionality comes first

Discover how PowerPRM modules support partner management processes within partner and franchise networks:

Acquisition and onboarding of new partners

PowerPRM is a platform that supports the development of partner and franchise networks during onboarding and acquisition. A dedicated module with advanced features streamlines the process of adding new partners to the network. You can accelerate their onboarding time and quickly capitalize on sales growth opportunities. The platform allows for analyzing the potential of future partners, enabling you to attract partners with the best qualifications to your company.

Goal Setting and KPI Definition

With the PowerPRM platform, you can create a comprehensive strategy for implementation, joint marketing, training, and revenues dedicated to each partner. You can also automate the process of creating strategic plans using an easily configurable function, which will help streamline interactions between internal and external partners within the network.

Partner Management and 360 View

The module allows for collecting all partner data on the platform and monitoring their activities with the help of defined metrics. It provides insight into full documentation and dedicated actions, targets, assigned tasks, as well as correspondence between the partner and the back office. The platform serves as a central point of information, allowing you to manage partners in a transparent manner.

Communication and Collaboration via Portal

The PowerPRM platform ensures full transparency and security of all data. The tool supports managing actions from the back office through a dedicated partner portal. You can exchange information with business partners without any concerns. Create messages for specific user groups and send them whenever you want. Assign tasks, execute projects, and conduct audits. The module also allows for designing marketing campaigns and sending group messages to partners based on an automatically updated list.

Handling requests, applications, and complaints

With the platform, you can quickly respond to issues arising in the partner sales channel. The tool enables efficient handling of all requests, complaints, and applications, minimizing the negative impact of these events on the functioning of the partner and franchise network.

Data Analysis and Business Intelligence Reports

Generate reports to measure the effectiveness of the partner channel. With PowerPRM, you can create reports based on your own selected criteria to measure the performance of partners. Based on these reports, you will obtain detailed information about the effectiveness of partner activities, partner programs, and also plan future actions.

Co-selling processes and MDF management

Encourage your partners to achieve better results. You no longer need to manually control marketing and sales processes or manage the marketing budget in a manual manner. PowerPRM offers tools that automate and integrate marketing budget management in one place. Eliminating manual handling of processes related to co-selling allows partner and franchise networks to significantly increase revenue.

Knowledge and Document Sharing

This module allows you to create a complete database, encompassing both traditional digital content such as videos, articles, audio files, as well as business files. With the PowerPRM platform, you store files and documents in one place and share them with authorized users in an easy and convenient way.

Visit and audit planning

Take care of your brand’s quality and strengthen partner engagement. Plan visits and surveys at partner locations, conduct evaluations, and prepare final reports. The module allows for market compliance checks, process compliance, and risk.

Monitoring, Goal Tracking, and Sales Accounting

The PowerPRM platform allows you to create custom reports based on any data sources. You can easily analyze them and optimize the work of partners based on the insights. All insights regarding the functioning of the network are available in one place. The tool also enables monitoring key performance indicators related to the performance and achievement of goals in the partner network.

Potential and Managing its Growth

Analyze the potential of partners using easily definable indicators. Check audit reports, plan and coordinate actions based on criteria such as cross-selling, quality, cost savings, or expansion. The module will help effectively manage the growth of partners, point of sale (POS), and location. By automating processes, you will free up employees’ time, increase their engagement, and job satisfaction.

We will help you effectively manage your company's partner network.

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