Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric is an analytics and data platform designed for enterprises needing integrated and comprehensive solutions. Offering a rich set of tools and services, Fabric enables easy migration, processing, acquisition, transformation of data, and real-time event routing
This platform also allows for the creation of advanced reports, facilitating better understanding and management of data within a company.

How Will Microsoft Fabric Help You?

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Microsoft Fabric Features

Microsoft Fabric offers a comprehensive suite of services supporting diverse data and analytics needs:

Advanced data engineering: Tools for designing, testing, and deploying data processing workflows.

Efficient databases: Scalable database solutions supporting various business applications.

Central data repository: Data warehouse providing easy data management and sharing.

Comprehensive data management: Integrated environment for managing data from acquisition to transformation and storage.

One Lake

OneLake is the core Data Lake service supporting all Microsoft Fabric backbone workloads. Also known as Microsoft Fabric Lake, OneLake is an integral part of the Fabric platform, offering a centralized storage for all organization data necessary for workload management.
It is built on Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) Gen2 technology, providing a single SaaS environment and data repository for the entire tenancy. OneLake supports both professional users and citizen developers, simplifying the Fabric backbone infrastructure without the need to understand complex concepts such as resource groups or access control.

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