Low-code / Fusion development

Low-Code Implementations for Your Company

We offer comprehensive solutions for implementing applications based on low-code platforms such as Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Power Automate. These advanced tools enable rapid application development, process automation, and advanced data analysis, accelerating digital transformation and enhancing organizational efficiency.
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Microsoft Power Platform: Key Benefits and Capabilities

Microsoft Power Platform is a low-code platform that revolutionizes the creation of business applications. Its main advantages include:
Microsoft Power Platform provides a wide range of capabilities, including rapid application development using drag-and-drop techniques, significantly speeding up the deployment process. Additionally, it enables automation of routine tasks and workflows through Power Automate, as well as advanced data analysis and interactive report generation with Power BI. Tools like AI Builder and Copilot facilitate the creation of intelligent chatbots that support both customers and employees, boosting operational efficiency.

Fusion Development Methodology

In Atteli we use Fusion Development methodology to expedite application development by integrating professional developers with citizen developers using low-code platforms. Key benefits include:

The Fusion Development methodology is a cornerstone of our strategy, enabling us to significantly accelerate the application deployment process and facilitate collaboration with clients, regardless of their technical expertise.

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