Expanding Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Licensing: Optimal Benefits for Your Organization

Anna Gajdowicz Anna Gajdowicz January 23, 2024
In recent months, there has been a significant change in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 product family, bringing new capabilities in the marketing domain: Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. This strategic redefinition of the platform marks a departure from the previous name D365 Marketing to Customer Insights.
The new solution consists of two key applications:
  • Customer Insights – Data,Data, serving as the central customer data platform, providing organizations with a 360-degree view of the customer, and
  • Customer Insights – Journeys, an updated version of Dynamics 365 Marketing, offering real-time marketing tools, known as Real-Time Marketing.

Before installing the Customer Insights application, it is necessary to acquire a base license, granted at the tenant (leaseholder) level – that is, for the entire organization. The choice of the appropriate base license depends on the presence of qualifying Dynamics 365 applications in the organization. For example, a company already possessing applications such as Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Dynamics 365 Field Service, Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, Dynamics 365 Finance, or Dynamics 365 Commerce with at least 10 users can purchase an Attach license at a reduced price (currently €936.10 per month). In the absence of licenses for these applications, the company must purchase a standard Customer Insights application license (Base – currently €1591.30 per month).

People Unified

It is important to note that the Profile (People Unified) represents a uniquely identified individual, created through a set of defined data source collections. This applies to the DATA part of the application and the offered 360-degree view. The basic license for Dynamics 365 Customer Insights includes a maximum of 4 environments, 100,000 unified customer profiles (People Unified), and 10,000 interactions with individuals (Interacted People).

Interacted People

Interacted People refers to any entity within Dataverse (e.g., contact, prospect, account, or Insights profile) with whom an interaction has occurred using the Journeys module. An individual is considered an Interacted Person if there has been an outgoing or incoming interaction with them (e.g., form submission through a marketing website). Interaction can occur through available channels in the Customer Insights solution (email, SMS, push notification), other Microsoft channels (e.g., Azure Communication Services), or external systems (such as SMS service provider systems).
Purchasing the basic license opens the possibility of acquiring additional packages (Add-ons), allowing for the implementation of integrated customer acquisition processes. Additional units of People Interacted and People Unified are sold separately and independently of each other.
For organizations opting solely for Customer Insights – Data, without using Customer Insights – Journeys, the fee applies only to additional People Unified capacity, without considering People Interacted.
So, how to optimally calculate the required additional capacity? The adopted approach should take into account:
  • The number of customers in the company, which can be estimated by unique email addresses or phone numbers in the database (People Unified),
  • n the case of active engagement: the number of interactions (e.g., email/message/push notification/other) sent monthly; this value should be divided by 10 to obtain an approximate number of People Interacted,
  • In the case of lower engagement: the number of potential customers, contacts, profiles, or custom entities the company interacts with annually (People Interacted)

Additional packs of unified customer profiles (People Unified – Customer Insights – Data) are offered at three levels:
  1. Level 1:
    • 100 000–500 000 People Unified: 1 872,10 € per pack/month.
    • Sold in bundles of 100,000 units of Unified People.
    • Purchase limit (min. – max.): 1 – 4.
  2. Level 2:
    • 500,000–2 million People Unified: €1,404.10 per pack/month.
    • Sold in bundles of 100,000 units of Unified People.
    • Purchase limit (min. – max.): 4 – 19.
  3. Level 3:
    • Over 2 million People Unified:
    • €936.10 per pack/month. Sold in bundles of 100,000 units of Unified People. Purchase limit (min. – max.): 19 +.

Additional packs of interactions with people (People Interacted – Customer Insights – Journeys) are available in three levels:

  1. Level1:
    • 10 000–50 000 People Interacted:
    • €234 per pack/month. Sold in bundles of 5,000 units of People Interacted.
    • Purchase limit (min. – max.): 1 – 8.
  2. Level 2:
    • 50 000–250 000 People Interacted:
    • €280.80 per pack/month. Sold in bundles of 10,000 units of People Interacted.
    • Purchase limit (min. – max.): 4 – 24.
  3. Level 3:
    • Over 250,000 People Interacted:
    • €468 per pack/month. Sold in bundles of 50,000 units of People Interacted. Purchase limit (min. – max.): 5 +.

If you’re considering purchasing a Microsoft license or have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team, who will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information.

The current guide to Microsoft Dynamics 365 licensing can be found at this link: