Easily connect Bitrix24 with SalesMANGO

Seamless Integration Bitrix24 with Microsoft SalesMANGO. Synchronize your contacts and it attributes, tags, opt-in and opt-out status etc.

Use great Bitrix24 CRM and enjoy the interactive marketing automation of SalesManago.

Bitrix24 is a widely recognized business platform. Among other tools Bitix allow to create a contact database along with the history of each customer. Sales Manago is a Marketing Automotion class system, which is used by more than 2000 companies in Europe and offers tools to identify people entering a website and monitor their online behavior. According to Datanyze, it is the 12th largest platform in the world.

SM24 Plug-In Features

Sm24 Plugin allow to sync contact database – data collected in Bitrix24 are automatically sent to SALESmanago, while customer behavior data collected in SALESmanago is integrated with Bitrix24 client profile.

Main benefits

What are the business benefits of integrating both systems?

One and consistent database – a single database for both systems, no need to import data from CRM to SalesMANAGO or vice versa. All of the information collected in Bitrix24 is automatically added to SalesMANAGO, all data collected through SalesMANAGO on customer activity are automatically integrated into Bitrix24.

Exchange of information between systems – all information collected eg from a mailing campaign and its effects can be tracked directly via Bitrix24. It is possible to generate campaign reports directly from the CRM system. This increases data availability and streamlines your day-to-day work. Connecting this data to automatic Rules in Bitrix you can manage any business case you can imagine

A clear customer profile – information about the customer is collected both from the data entered by the sales department and from the information obtained from the campaigns. This gives a more accurate picture of the customer, making it possible to target more effectively future campaigns.


Plugin was developed by Atteli.com and is free of charge. You may have paid account of SalesMANGO to use this plugin. Check for pricing policy on http://salesmanago.com/info/pricing.htm

How it works

  • First you have to log in SalesMANAGO to your Bitrix account.
  • Then you have to choose which fields in Bitrix from contact section will be synced to SalesMANAGO. I.e you can sync type of interest, language, position and any other fields and is content. A tag will be created in SalesMANGO using value of the field for a particular contact. Then you can use this tag to sel ect and rill data base for a specific type of mailing or marketing automation action.
  • You have also to choose with field is responsible for collecting opt-in and opt-out information.
  • SalesMANAGO allows to build automatic tags for clients or customers base on their behaviours. This tag can be collected back in Bitrix for farther analysis. All you need to do is to create custom fields for such tags in Bitrix which will be synced fr om SalesMANAGO.

Flow table

  • Bitrix24 <> SALESmanago
  • Contact emails >> Contact emails
  • Specific attribute of contact >> tag in SalesMANAGO
  • Opt in, opt out >><< Opt in, opt out