We implement solutions that enable complete automation of repetitive business processes. We offer practical tools to facilitate internal communication and project management supporting systems and group work. Intranets, extranets and portals are a great way to improve communication within the company.

Intranet and extranet are enhanced communication systems within the company (or between several institutions, branches, etc.) allowing to increase productivity and reduce management costs. They ensure the smooth flow of information between employees and managers and administration.

Thanks to an Intranet-based system, it is possible to: 

  • improve the flow of documents between different departments within the company, ncluding: delegations, leave requests, work reports; so that the whole process of information flow is done remotely;
  • better involve employees in the work and events taking place in the company – thanks to modern communication tools reminiscent of the well-known social networking sites, resistances restraining from using them disappear; employees can have discussions, share files, share information, “”like”” comments, etc.; a friendly interface and intuitive operation encourage to use the communication tools;
  • improve human resource management – the system allows quick access to information on a specific employee; allows, among others, to search for contacts, send e-mail messages, assign tasks;
  • improve the functioning of the office – thanks to modern tools, it is possible to include conducting electronic registration of incoming and outgoing letters, record telephone calls, manage cars or rooms.

Extranet is a solution primarily dedicated to businesses – in various locations. They facilitate management of individual institutions, networks or systems or franchise partners. Extensive systems can allow, among others, to:

  • improve communication,
  • organise video conferencing,
  • report and analyse the results of specific institutions,
  • efficiently manage tenants.

Learn how to improve the management of the company basing on an Intranet or extranet.