We offer solutions that facilitate management and file management of companies. With modern systems, it is possible to improve the flow of documents in the enterprise, which can improve performance, increase the level of data security and eliminate unnecessary administrative work.

Advanced DMSes (Document Management System) enable the processing of internal and external documents. They allow you to manage documents in the form of scans and electronically. They are used primarily to improve the circulation of business documents and to order issues in offices.

In terms of workflow, DMS can improve, among others:

      • delegation circulation,
      • leave requests’ approval,
      • creation and transmission of work reports.

In terms of raising labour productivity of offices, DMSes can help, among others, to:

      • conduct electronic registration of incoming and outgoing letters (e.g. official letters, signature book)
      • search cases and files – by proper cataloguing and storing files,
      • record telephone conversations,
      • manage rooms, cars, resources.

Implementation of DMSes allows to achieve many tangible benefits, including:

      • reducing costs and improving the efficiency of business processes,
      • ensuring better communication within the company,
      • facilitating and improving supervision of processes in the enterprise,
      • improving the quality of customer service.

Learn how DMSes can help you improve the functioning of your business.