We provide modern tools for companies that support their business, helping to increase sales. They assist in managing the sales team and build effective relationships with customers.

Adequate contractor service supported by dedicated software is the key to the commercial success of any business, which translates into greater sales effectiveness.

CRM systems are tools that support the ongoing trade activities of companies. They facilitate the creation of customer databases, allowing rapid dissemination of knowledge about the preferences of customers, their requirements in terms of service, etc. The significantly improve customer service, which translates into better sales results.

The offered CRM systems allow us to effectively manage customers and sales:

  • storage and creating databases of contacts,
  • reminders of contact to the customer,
  • logging events, meetings, phone calls, tasks and deadlines associated with the contact,
  • search and filter of your contacts by assigning tags and attributes,
  • mailing to selected people, creating message templates,
  • relating with on-line store and forms allowing to collect contacts to CRM systems from the website,
  • integration with Outlook and exporting data to specific formats,
  • assigning contacts to individual trade assistants,
  • creating tasks and task groups,
  • reporting tasks, creating Gantt charts for individual teams,
  • reporting sales results: recording submitted offers and signed contracts, cost analysis, successes and stages – by sales funnels.

Each CRM allows you to create complex reports, control outsourced tasks, analyse bids. An extended task manager and practical modules improving the functioning of the company and facilitating daily work will soon be at the customer disposal.

Extranet for your client

It is possible that the customer himself participated in the project created at the signing of the contract. In a kind of „customer area” we share workspace with the selected person: discussion, project schedule, calendar, files, notifications, photos and more.

Learn how CRM systems can improve relations with your customers.