We advise on the implementation of new technologies, tools and applications that facilitate collaboration and improve productivity. With our help you can seize market opportunities and increase your competitive advantage.


We share our knowledge and experience gained in the field of advanced systems with customers, they improve the functioning of the company, with particular emphasis on improving business processes. We advise how to use applications for customer service systems, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, project and group work management systems, internal work organization.

Basing on our knowledge and competence we suggest how to use the systems of e-marketing and e-commerce.

Support and change management

Our collaboration includes support, not only from the technological point of view, in the area of ??analytics and implementation. The service is dedicated to operators who lack management experience within the implementation of modern technologies and advanced tools to improve communication.

We also help in the process of amending and modelling processes. We are well aware that even the best and most advanced systems do not guarantee success, if not supported by staff. Therefore, strong emphasis is placed on aspects of soft deployments that are associated with the attitude of employees.

Acting in the name and on behalf of customers, we can carry out activities related to the introduction of any company change.

      • We will prepare your company for the process of improving the efficiency of internal cooperation in the enterprise.
      • We will identify potential problems and areas sensitive to change.
      • We will support the process of internal change procedures dictated by new implementations.
      • We will support the company in carrying out the changes (including the soft – human aspect).
      • We will support the process of change and implementation of new models such as the sale or promotion, internal communications, customer communications.
      • We will support in determining assessment factors and the success of the project (KPI).
      • We will support in defining responsibilities, duties dedicated to employees and their assessment and the measures of success (KPI).
      • We will support the recruitment of employees with appropriate qualifications.
      • We will support (acting as a mediator) in the case of any internal conflicts that may arise in the process of change.
      • We will struggle the concerns of employees prior to the implementation of new tools, we will teach and show how to use them for their own benefit and comfort of their work.
      • We will support the reorganization process associated with the introduction of modern systems.


We will conduct professional audits that will allow you to get to know the needs of customers and identify vulnerabilities.

      • We identify incorrect processes and conduct their modification.
      • We analyse the costs and profitability of implementation.
      • We support the determination of tactical objectives.
      • We support in making operational and strategic decisions.
      • We identify the causes and develop proposals for recovery plans for misguided investment.

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