We provide modern tools for companies that support their business, helping to increase sales. They assist in managing the sales team and build effective relationships with customers.

Creating projects, involving many employees at the same time, significantly impedes the management and control over the task carried out. Information generated by one person and changed by another can be completely not understood by subsequent participants involved in the project. Communication problems are a serious barrier that may affect the final effect.

Therefore, group work systems that we implement allow comprehensive project management. With modern tools, it is possible to create detailed schedules for the project, describing the tasks and assigning them to specific employees. The system also allows constant monitoring and previewing the stages completed so far and the control of timely completion of the project, which reduces the risk of delays.

Project and group work management systems include the ability to:

      • add / remove people involved in the project (supervisors, managers, participants),
      • have discussion and joint work on documents,
      • control the version of documents,
      • keep a calendar of projects (guard tasks and deadlines)
      • store files
      • conduct surveys,
      • share project areas with others outside the system (extranet).

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