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CRM module registration of candidates for members of the Association “Republicans”


The Association “”Republicans” – non-governmental organization conducting educational and publishing activities, organizing congresses and meetings with experts, and providing training for young people.

An analytic centre was established at the association called the Centre for Republican Foundation Analysis which conducts analytical and legislative operations.



The Association has ongoing recruitment and maintains regular contact with the members of the association, experts and those who support the republican movement in Poland. The tasks of the system included collecting information about members, associates, volunteers and their roles. Supporting the staff of the association related to the analysis of data about the members such as the purpose of assigning them to projects of the association and operational work. CRM was to be integrated with the form located on the website allowing candidates to directly register in the system. The system also was to have the opportunity to develop the new features along with the development of the association’s needs.

Scope of the project

  • A fully functional CRM system with the version available on mobile devices.
  • Needs’ analysis
  • Selection and recommendation of the solutions being most optimal in terms of features and costs
  • Implementation
  • Training for employees
  • Warranty care

Project time


The need to implement the CRM system for recruitment, management of candidates for the members of the association, has been shown in a few moments before the public announcement of the creation of the association. The time for the needs’ analysis was shortened to a few hours. The most flexible solution capable of immediate implementation has been chosen. Framework podio.com did great here

The entire project was completed in 24 hours from the time of the notification of the need (analysis, implementation, commissioning and training)

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Atteli for Bleurank – a leading SEM agency in Poland

Atteli will advise on the implementation of CRM and project management system for Bluerank. The cooperation will start with a full needs’ analysis, which will define the scope of the requirements for the system in both the operational and analytical aspects. The project will improve Bluerank’s work and facilitate project, knowledge and document management.

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Bitrix Certified Gold Partner

In February 2014, less than a year from the start of cooperation with Bitrix Inc., Atteli achieved the status of a Gold Partner.

The Gold Partner status is the highest recognition of competence which, in the case Atteli, is the result of a strong commitment not only to attracting new customers and the implementation of the Bitrix24 system, but also to the development of the system itself, on which committed Atteli professionals work every day. The result is also the planned Polish version to be available already 2014.

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Bitrix24 and SALESmanago Integration

Atteli, Gold Partner of Bitrix Inc introduced the new module connecting two separate systems – Bitrix24’s and SALESmanago, TOP 12 world’s largest Marketing Automation tool according to Datanyze report. Integration of Marketing Automation and CRM results in ROI increase by 14% on average. Thanks to the new integration, the sales department gains access to a valuable and unique information concerning to the interests of clients, monitored by SALESmanago and available in Bitrix24.

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in Bitrix24 is a well-known and commonly used tool that helps to improve business and relationship with clients and business partners. SALESmanago is a Marketing Automation platform successfully implemented in 1000 companies across Europe, that brings information about customer’s behavior on the websites and automates ecommerce activities. SALESmanago offers a complete suite of products for marketers including website visitor identification and tracking, dynamic e-mails with personalized product offers, dynamic website content and personalization in ad networks and direct sales channels.

Integration of CRM in Bitrix24 and SALESmanago gives:

  1. Synchronized and homogeneous data base – uniform database for both systems. All data collected in Bitrix24 are automatically imported to SALESmanago, and all information about customers behavior collected by SALESmanago are automatically integrated with data stored in Bitrix24.
  2. Information exchange between both systems – Bitrix24 allows to acquainted with the results and all information collected from the internet campaign. Generate reports directly from CRM system is possible. Exchange of information between CRM system and SALESmanago improves the data flow and increases the efficiency of daily work.
  3. Transparent customer profile – all data related to the customer are collected as a result of Internet campaigns and sales department’s individual work as well as it’s relationship with the customer. It brings broader profile of the customer and allows more effective targeting the campaigns of follow ups.
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Atteli For King Cross Praga Shopping Center

Atteli will implement a communication system for the manager and the tenants of the shopping centre King Cross in Warsaw, Praga (Extranet) and a support system of communication within the manager’s team (Intranet). The first stage of cooperation will include creating an Extranet module for internal trainings for employees of the mall, as implemented by the manager. It will include registration for training, communication within the training groups, communication with the manager and coaches, providing training materials and materials related to the daily operation of the shopping centre and evaluation of training.

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Atteli for Fitness First Germany GmbH network

In June 2013, Atteli started cooperation with Fitness First Germany GmbH – a network of hundreds of fitness clubs located throughout Germany. The scope of cooperation includes the pilot implementation of Intranet for 4,000 employees, with the aim of strengthening communication within the company. The Intranet, based on Bitrix24, is to enable collaboration and the creation of working groups of employees located in offices throughout Germany, and staff’s access to the internal system of the company via mobile phones and mobile devices without the need for constant access to computers. The aim of the project is to develop cooperation and combating exclusion from the community within the organization.

Fitness First is committed to high safety rigours of their systems. Atteli specialists promote not only the tools to build Intranet, but also participate in the development of infrastructure for a multi-branch organization, a network of fitness clubs.

Written by Atteli

Atteli for PNO Consultant, europe’s leading grants consultancy

Atteli won the competition to construct Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for PNO CEE, a leading consulting company dealing with grant support of investors in the market of Central Europe – Eastern Europe. The software offered by Atteli is based on the functioning on the international market Bitrix24 system and the main functions developed in the project for PNO CEE will include:

  • the creation of CRM
  • integration of CRM with an automotion marketing system,
  • a project management module.