About Atteli

Whenever a new technology appears in an enterprise, the risk increases and the efficiency of the organization decreases. The aim of our activities is to minimize this risk thanks to the preparation of the organization and support in the implementation process.

We create a company and a team, but most of all we are people and we create for people. We believe that by combining the experience and commitment of our team with knowledge about the company and industry of our clients, we can make an effective digital transformation.

We advise and support. We also manage the implementation process. We supplement our clients’ knowledge of introducing modern technologies to business. We train and support the client in solving the problem of organizational change forced by digital transformation. We know software and business, thanks to which we combine the best IT experience with knowledge about the market and processes taking place in the company. Thanks to this, we minimize the risk of implementation.

Our mission

We create modern software, requiring only the use of a device with a web browser. Mobile applications prepared by Atteli streamline daily operations of companies.

We advise and support. We broaden the expertise of our clients in the field of introducing technology to businesses. We help you choose good and proven software.

We process management implementation. We train and solve the problems of organizational change necessitated by new solutions – we talk common language, we do not throw technical vocabulary on our clients. We consult problems, we search for ways of improving work with “”smart programs / solutions. ”

We combine our knowledge of business with the best information technology experience and knowledge of the market and the developments taking place in the company.

We minimize the risk of implementation by aligning software so that it was a friendly and welcome environment for all users.

Our values

  • Our consultants must know very well not only the implemented systems …
  • … but also the business realities, that is how enterprises work, what problems they may have, what their surroundings look like.
  • Our consultants and our entire organization must think about the implementation process from the customer’s point of view.
  • We must be open, we must be empathetic and constantly ask ourselves if we would like to work like this, using these and not other systems and processes.
  • With knowledge, trends and opportunities, we must be “in front of” the client.
  • Clients see us as those who know, know each other. They base their decisions on our knowledge.
  • We do not leave the client alone with his problems. Since he relies on us and we have often persuaded him to follow this and no other shape of technological transformation, we must support him in this transformation.
  • We also know a lot more from the client about system and security issues and using this knowledge we should help him.