CRM Implementation with P&L Module and Reporting for Esri

Case Study

Client: Esri Polska

Esri Polska, an authorized distributor of Esri Inc., USA – a global leader in geographic information systems (GIS) software development, specializing in mapping software, intelligent geolocation, and spatial analysis.
It is the Polish branch of the global leader in geospatial technology – Esri, which develops powerful GIS software known as ArcGIS. Esri supports its clients using geospatial technology known as The Science of Where.
Dynamics 365

Implementation Goal:

The primary goal was to implement a CRM system with a module for automating cyclic P&L reporting based on distributed data sources to streamline sales and financial management processes. The main objective was to refactor existing solutions within the company and provide a sales process management system tailored to the user’s needs, covering the entire process from lead acquisition to order placement.
Additionally, it aimed to organize the product catalog, facilitate searchability based on product attributes, and introduce flexible pricing management.

Functionalities and Technologies Used

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales - CRM:
Cyclic reporting:
Dynamics 365 App for Outlook:
Dedicated module for creating structured notes after client meetings:
P&L Reports based on sales opportunities from CRM and financial data from external systems:
System notification automation:

Effects of project implementation

The implementation of the CRM system brought significant improvements to Esri Polska in managing sales and financial processes. Utilizing Power BI for reporting accelerated and automated the creation of P&L reports and comparative analyses, which were previously prepared weekly based on multiple Excel files.
Thanks to P&L reporting, the company can now effectively forecast future revenues and costs, which translates into a better financial strategy.