Altaterra Kft

Case Study

Client: Altaterra Kft

Altaterra is part of the VELUX Group but operates as an autonomous unit. It has over 35 private brands and supplies roof windows in 29 countries.

Dynamics 365

Implementation objectives:

The main task was to build an IT tool that would enable efficient flow of information across departments. This tool was intended to automate the process of cost reporting and approval from the marketing budget by the sales and marketing teams, as well as handle requests from Customer Support, Logistics, and Finance departments.

The Cost Request System is an essential tool for marketing and sales teams to effectively manage expenses. It provides better financial control and helps streamline the entire budgeting process by allowing team members to track costs, approve expenditures, and request budget allocation for 35 brands in 29 countries.

Functionalities and used technologies

Improved cost management process
Automated approval process
Real-time cost tracking
Integration with financial systems
Analytics and Reporting
Collaboration and Communication

Evaluation of project outcomes and implementation

As a result of the implementation, the information and approval flow process has been significantly simplified. Many activities have been automated, and changes made in the ERP system are immediately reflected in the application. The output data for reports are even more accurate and refreshed in real-time.

Finding a bridge between business language and IT language posed a significant challenge. Atteli supported us in understanding the technical terms and how the code works. They customized the tools to meet our specific needs. Despite certain corporate challenges, the tests were successful, and all issues were resolved. The flexibility, agility, and openness of Atteli’s engineers to our feedback were impressive. – Customer Representative.