Maintenance of Systems and Applications

In today’s rapidly changing world of technology, reliability and continuous operation of IT systems are crucial for every company. We offer comprehensive application maintenance services that ensure not only continuity and security but also business process optimization using the latest Microsoft technologies.
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Post-Implementation Support

We understand that system implementation is just the beginning. Therefore, we provide support for marketing and sales processes, utilizing advanced tools such as Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, and Customer Insights, as well as Microsoft Power Platform’s low-code and no-code solutions. These enable rapid adaptation to evolving market needs.

Development and Integrations

Our services go beyond implementation. We work on system development and integrations to ensure they remain up-to-date, secure, and aligned with your company’s requirements. Regular system updates enhance security and streamline processes, resulting in improved operational efficiency.

Consulting Services

Our advisory services include analyzing system usage and remapping business processes during application updates. This ensures that systems comply not only with current standards but also remain future-proof and scalable.

Comprehensive Technical and Strategic Support

We offer both ongoing technical support and strategic advice. Our goal is to enhance efficiency and foster innovation within your organization.

Acquisition and Development of Systems from Other Providers

A significant part of our offering involves taking over and developing systems and applications created by other providers. Leveraging our experience in project management and development, we swiftly and effectively assume control of projects. This includes reviewing applications, creating developer and testing environments, and ensuring the right coding strategy.

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