Analysis and Consulting

The implementation process begins with a deep understanding of your company’s philosophy. Our goal is to tailor Microsoft products to the real needs of your business, supporting you in achieving your set goals. We undertake detailed consultations and analyses that allow us to develop an action plan, maximizing the chances of success.

Microsoft Solutions Alignment

We select and optimize Microsoft solutions that best meet the needs of your organization. Our commitment at every stage of implementation is full and responsible, always considering whether we would want to work with the tools we offer. Our experienced consultants guide you through system configuration, customization, and integration with existing applications, ensuring a smooth transformation and full utilization of Microsoft product potential.

Needs Assessment

We conduct an assessment of needs and the possibilities of using modern technologies in your company. We determine the organization’s readiness for significant changes and analyze whether existing processes allow for digitization. We support in defining requirements, seeking answers to key questions regarding the use of modern technologies and communication tools.

Microsoft Products We Support

Atteli Case Study

Change Management

Attitude change is a key element of every implementation. We prepare your company to improve internal collaboration efficiency, identify potential problems, and areas sensitive to changes. We support you in the process of changing internal procedures and in guiding the company through changes, including the human aspect. We also help in defining KPIs and in recruiting employees with the right qualifications, overcoming fears of new tools and teaching how to use them to the benefit of work comfort.

Analyses, Audits, and Documentation

Based on discussions with management and employees, we develop and describe business requirements – functional and technical. We assist in defining processes and conducting analyses, preparing evaluation factors and success (KPIs), and responsibilities within the enterprise. Our actions accelerate the process of describing requirements, and as an external advisor, we objectively indicate problematic areas in your company.


We advise on the implementation of modern technologies, tools, and applications that facilitate collaboration and improve productivity. With our help, you will take advantage of market opportunities and increase your competitive edge. We identify potential problems, and your employees receive our support throughout the implementation of new schemes and acquaint them with the new requirements.
Atteli Case Study

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